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Divine Divers – your dive center on Gili Meno

Dive, eat and stay where the sky meets the ocean.  We are located at the island’s most stunning sunset point. Step out of your room, go for amazing dives available for all levels and end the day with a cool drink in your hand while watching the sun kiss the ocean.

We offer all levels of recreational scuba diving courses as well as fun diving for certified divers in the warm and crystal waters of the Gili Islands, also known as the turtle capital of the diving world.

Moreover, Divine Divers Gili Meno offers 5 spacious pool view bungalows with hot water, air conditioning, fan, TV and a comfortable double bed.

Our newly opened restaurant & bar Bubbles serves snacks and Indonesian delicacies combined with an ocean view and a sea breeze.

Great Location

Dive center, bungalows, bar and restaurant superbly located at the most beautiful sunset point on Gili Meno.


You will find us opposite the harbour on the island – you can reach us by a leisurely 20 minute walk or a shortcidomo (horsecard) ride.


Alternatively, simply rent a private boat from Gili Tranwangan form little money and have yourself dropped off directly at our beach.


Discount for Dive & Stay

Explore our Dive & Stay Packages and safe money on both your dives and accommodation


We love what we do and we believe we do it well! Diving is our passion which we love to share. There are good reasons to dive, stay or eat with Divine Divers Gili Meno – convince yourself!

Quality Diving Operation

We’d like to show you the best the Gilis have on offer - both above and under water.

First Class Service

Small groups and a personalized all-inclusive service. Full-time, experienced and multilingual instructors. All you have to do is dive, sleep or eat!


Can humans live underwater? Not yet! Therefore, safety is our primary concern.

International yet Local

There are thousands of dives underneath the belt of our expert Indonesian and international staff.

We care

About our guests, staff and the environment. We are commited to service quality, fairness and conservation.


Diving is fun and it will enrich your life. Start your exploration today!


"Such a magical place. Even without diving you can find a place here to calm your mind and completely relax. Surrounded by happy people and good vibes all day will make you smile permanently. Thanks so much, you divine divers people. I miss you already."

Dani G, Germany

"Highly recommend Divine Divers, they have some of the best guides and instructors I’ve dived with with some of the most spectacular dives sites I’ve seen and you certainly can’t beat the location."

Peter F, Australia

"I loved this place so much. The atmosphere was excellent and the staff was amazing. The rooms are very clean and I felt home immediately. It’s perfect for people who expect some kind of “European Standard” for their travels I will come back for sure one day! Thank you so much for everything Take care and all the best!"

Eva M, Germany


Stay up to date with our blog. We will post relevant news regularly to keep you informed about us and the Gili Islands. Anything in particular that you's like to know? Just drop us a line and we will get busy.
  • Have you heard about the famous biorocks? Biorocks are the key element of a hugely successful reef restoration project. Biorock reefs turn infertile dead and dying areas into pristine reefs full of fish in just a few years. On the

  • The Gilis are known for their large number of sea turtles on the surrounding reefs and have even been dubbed, ‘Turtle capitol of the world’. A name that’s definitely not wasted on this group of islands!  You are basically guaranteed

  • Gili Meno is the central Gili and also the smallest and most quiet of the three. Meno isn’t quiet for its lack of beauty because it is arguably the prettiest of the lot. Meno’s beaches rank in the Top 10

get ready

for divine thrills!


Divine Divers has a 5 star Tripadvisor traveller rating

21. March 2022

Expats and visitors are invited to join the weekly Trash Hero beach clean

Gili Meno

29. March 2022

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