Divemaster Course

IDR 16.000.000

Become a Divemaster and do what you love: Dive to survive! As a divemaster you’ll guide certified divers, supervise scuba diving activities and assist with diving courses. Being a Divemaster is the first step in your professional diving career.

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Become a Divemaster in Paradise with Divine Divers on Gili Meno: 4-6 weeks, flexible start, unlimited fun diving


Did you ever dream of living in a place where others go on holiday? Are you done with your job and would like to work on a tropical island such as Gili Meno? Then look no further!

You can now become a professional diver doing a Divemaster (DM) intership with Divine Divers on the Gili Islands. The course takes you through structured trainings and workshops in the pool, open water and classroom.  We will prepare you for your future career in diving and are happy to tailor the divemaster course to your individual needs. Please remember though, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

During the Divemaster training, you will gain extensive dive knowledge, tweak your dive skills, polish your rescue capacities as well as organisational and supervision abilities. You will of course have a mentor who is going to be your go-to-person and mainly in charge for your training.

Overall, you will see how it feels to work as a Divemaster in a dive resort through meeting our guests, beginner and advanced divers. You will help our staff guide certified divers and assist our instructors with conducting courses. Your Divemaster duties can also include pool demo’s, sales, planning and managing dive excursions and environmental programs, and of course plenty of diving!

You will cover all aspects of being a dive professional from understanding the theory of being a Divemaster, to using a SMB and mapping a dive site. Upon completion you will be ready and prepared to lead others into the water, with the understanding that you are able to safely deal with many situations.

This will not only make you a role model to divers everywhere in this world. During the Divemaster course with Divine Divers on the Gili Islands you will improve your self-confidence, public speaking abilities and social skills. All of that is essential to any career you may eventually choose.

The course takes in between 4 to 6 weeks and you can start whenever you want. Depending on how many dives you already have and at what certification level you stand, this could also take longer.

At the end of the course you will earn the Divemaster Certification. What sounds like just a plastic card is in reality the entry ticket to a new live.

Which Agency

Divine Divers Gili Meno offers Divemaster training from both PADI and SSI. Even though we have chosen SSI as our preferred agency for all recreational dive training, we suggest going the PADI way when it comes to professional training.  This is mainly for the reason that we believe that successful instructors need to be affiliated with both agencies. Doing a potential PADI instructor course before crossing over to SSI has certain financial benefits and is easier than doing it the other way round. Therefore, all skills and requirements in this description will be specific to PADI.


Your divemaster training will of course include some theory elements. This theoretical knowledge will refresh and build on what you’ve learned in all previous courses. Expect to gain a deeper knowledge of diving physics, decompression theory, dive related first aid, and the underwater environment. The knowledge development includes self guided study from textbooks, videos, and e-learning, as well as classroom sessions and knowledge reviews discussed with your instructor and final exams.

You can already start with reading the theory as well as doing the knowledge reviews at home in your own time before travelling to the Gili Islands.

Water Skills

If you got through to this level without being able to swim, this is where the truth gets revealed.. 🙂

You will be required to complete an independent 15-minute water tread, a 400-meter swim, an 800-meter snorkel and a 100-meter tired diver tow. Each test will be scored based on time and/or performance. We will also also perform a complete equipment exchange with a buddy. This means that you and your buddy will swap all elements of your scuba gear whilst both are sharing one regulator.

Skill Circuits and Rescue Assessment

One of the duties of a divemaster is to assist on courses alongside an instructor. To be able to do this, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate your skills to a very high standard. The skills include mask removal and replacement, regulator recovery, deep water entry, emergency air sharing, and many more. You will be trained and ultimately tested on each of these skills in our beautiful divine training pool until you can perform them with ease, slowly and clearly.

You will also refresh your rescue skills and demonstrate that you can successfully rescue an unconscious diver, including towing whilst performing rescue breaths and removing their equipment.

Practical skills

Throughout the course you will continually practice and develop the skills required of a professional divemaster. Those skills include the following:

  • successfully setting up and managing a dive site
  • briefing a dive
  • search and rescue scenario
  • mapping a dive site
  • deep dive scenario

Divemaster-led workshops


Some of what you learn as a divemaster trainee will be demonstrated in a workshop environment. These workshops will include dive professionals acting as new divers, to test your skills without putting uncertified divers at risk. The workshops will include conducting discover dives in confined and open water, guiding certified divers, a scuba tune-up or refresher and supervising snorkelling activities.


This part will include assisting on a variety of courses, from brand new Open Water divers to Advanced courses. You will be expected to demonstrate the ability to help students overcome specific problems underwater. Your divine instructor will help you to better understand the difference between your role and his/hers, but you will predominantly act as a role model for the students, and s a bridge between them and the instructor.

The snorkel test

Once you have completed your dive master training  with success, you will face the final and most challenging snorkel test. Just wait and see..  We are already looking forward to it!

From Zero to Hero

Being the first professional level scuba certification, the divemaster course has more prerequisites than earlier courses. You will find those in the tab “prerequisites”. If you don’t qualify for Divemaster training with us on the Gilis, don’t worry. We have several options up out sleeve including the “Zero to Hero” approach.

With those options, we will pick you up where you stand and take you all the way to DM level. Actually, our suggestion is to not go from zero to hero since diving might in the end not be for you if you have never dived before. We recommend you to do an Open Water Course before committing to the 10 to 12 week program of becoming a DM from scratch.

Tipp: Some countries require Emergency First Responder (EFR) training for driving licenses. That’s why you can chose to include CPR & First Aid training into your course or not.

Our zero to hero options include:

Details (for those who like to know more)

To enroll into a long and demanding course that might potentially change your life forever is a big thing. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions in the matching tab. But we understand that you might prefer to have a chat with us and we welcome that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through whatever channel suits you best.

Following promotions apply

10% off if you own all of your own equipment

15% off if you book online and own all of your own equipment (ask us for a dedicated payment link if you’d like to book it)

Continue the Adventure

Would you like to become a dive instructor? We are collaborating with Instructor Development Centers (IDC) both on the Gilis but also in other parts of this world such as Thailand, Egypt and the Maldives. Should you wish to become an instructor, please talk to us.

To avoid any disappointment, please check what is included in the price and what not:

  • The time of your life!
  • Divemaster over a duration of 4-6 weeks
  • Unlimited fun diving during your divemaster internship
  • Full equipment rental – if you are planning on making diving your future job then think about getting a full set of equipment during or after the course
  • Divine log book
  • Divine Divers t-shirt
  • Dedicated mentor instructor
  • Unlimited water, coffee & tea at the dive center, as well as free Wi-Fi
  • Discounts on equipment, accomodation and meals in our restaurant
  • Tailored Divemaster Workshops:
    • Special skill development: know tying, liftbag and SMB usage, current checking, dive planning, boat set up and safety procedures
    • Compressor Use
    • Nitrox / Gas mixing
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Dive computers & usage
    • Organizing Environmental programs: Beach & Reef cleanups
    • Social Media & blogging


  • Accommodation – available for all budgets from very cheap to very expensive. The price will vary based on the length of time (1 month is cheaper than 2 weeks), as well as it’s low or high season.
  • Airport transfers and transfer to Gili Meno
  • Visa fees
  • Diving insurance – if you don’t have insurance then we suggest getting a coverage with DAN Europe.
  • Extra costs PADI:
    • The Crew pack which includes manuals & materials (digital) and divemaster slates: approx. AUD 250,-
    • DM application & certification fee: approx. AUD 230,-

To enrol into the course please check the following:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid insurance that covers diving emergencies (you will dive a lot during your course!). If you have no idea what to get, check out the DAN Europe plans.
  • Minimum 40 logged dives before starting the Divemaster training and 60 upon certification. But don’t worry, you will do more than 20 dives throughout your course.
  • Be certified as both Advanced and Rescue diver or equivalent – if not, check our “Zero to Hero” options.
  • Experience in Night, Deep and Navigation diving
  • EFR certification not older that 24 months
  • Medical clearance signed by a physician within the previous 12 months
  • Complete a dive medical (yes, another one!)

Secure your prebooking discount

Please make sure you book the course one day before your arrival. We know it is tempting to just learn about the prebooking discount and then quickly book online but if everyone does that, we will at one stage have to adapt our prices to meet that behaviour.

Plans change. We know that too. Our cancellation policy is flexible and we are trying our best to meet your holiday schedule and potential interruptions of it.

To secure your prebooking discount you can either pay for your course or dive experience in full in advance (online) or you pay for it upon arrival. Please book it through our online system through.

We can however only send you the login details for the eLearning packages once you have paid in advance since it also involves costs for us. In the (hopefully unlikely) event that you can’t start the course as planned, you will get of course more time to make it to the island and if even that isn’t going to happen, you will get all your money back minus the arising expenses. Those we will however push through to you as much at cost price as possible. You will not be empty handed through because you are still in procession of the dive theory.

If you’d like to know more, please check our cancellation policy and terms and condition. 

I don’t have 40 dives yet, what can I do?

If you don’t have 40 dives to start your training, we can offer you a special price to do some more fun dives. That way you gain some more experience and you will also get to know the beautiful dive sites of the Gili Islands?

Not yet a diver?

If you are a total beginner, join our “Zero to Hero” programs. Actually, it is not quite zero to hero, because we suggest that you do an Open Water course before committing to the 10-to-12-week package of becoming a DM (Divemaster) from scratch.

These options include:

Advanced diver to DM (without or with EFR course)

Rescue diver to DM (without or with EFR course)

Is it possible to do an internship where I offer my work in return for the divemaster course?

Unfortunately, this is not possible (unless you are an Indonesian citizen). First, you are not allowed to work in Indonesia without a work permit.

Also, we like to pay our instructors (who are also your mentors) for their superior work and offering free divemaster courses does not provide an income for them.

In addition, we have learned that the expenses for food and accommodation often exceed the costs for a (shorter) course.

Once you have completed your dive master training, we can however check the options for future employment.

How many dives are included in the course?

You can join our boat for unlimited fun diving during your course. We encourage you to dive as much as possible and also join different guides and instructors. Every dive will teach you more about diving. Since we usually have 3 boats per day (excluding night dives), so you can collect 60 dives or more.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

Yes and No. We provide all equipment that you need for the course. We strongly suggest that you will get your own dive computer and your own SMB for the course though. If you already have all of your own gear, you will be granted a 10% discount on the course price.

Can I prepare for the divemaster internship?

Yes! Once you have decided to become a divemaster with Divine Divers in Gili Meno, we can purchase the digital crewpack for you and you can start with studying the theory.

What can I do as a Divemaster?

  • Give dive briefings for certified divers
  • Guide and supervise certified divers
  • Supervise and assist training activities
  • Conduct scuba reviews and refreshers
  • Conduct skin diver (snorkeling) courses
  • Assist in trial dive programs
  • Conduct certain environmental programmes
  • Live the Dream
  • Let your hair never get dry
  • Work your way around the world (actually, that is even better as an instructor)

Why should I do my divemaster course on the Gilis Islands and more precisely on Gili Meno?

Postcard-like white sandy beaches, azure and year-round warm waters (28 to 29 degrees), the reef on your doorstep and a great lifestyle – does this sound like paradise to you? The Gilis offer superb diving year round. Green and hawksbill turtles are abundant. Reef sharks are frequently spotted and there is a broad range of marine life to be met on all dives. The dive sites are rarely more than a 10 to 15-minute boat ride away.

However, the Gilis are more than the diving. There is the relaxed Gili lifestyle for example. It seems to swallow up people and make them forget about busy cities, traffic jams, pollution.

Gili Meno is known for its relaxed and serene beauty away from the other two island’s. The smallest and quietest of the three Gilis, Meno arguably has the best beaches of the lot – imagine white sand scattered with palm trees, fringed with crystal clear water. Read more. Our location on Meno could not be any better. You find us at the most perfect sunset point on the island. What better way is there to end a perfect diving day in a place where the sky meets the ocean?

Overall: There is no better place for you’re your dive master course!

Why should I choose Divine Divers for my Divemaster Course?

We love what we do and we do it well! Let us summarize a few points of why we think it is a good idea to choose Divine Divers on Gili Meno for any kind of course but for for your divemaster training in particular:

Instructors: Our instructors are very experienced and hand chosen for their personality and excellent teaching records. They are happy to share their knowledge and experience. In return we expect you to come with a positive attitude and an willingness to learn.

Be part of the Divine family: We don’t like crowds and we are not a dive factory. We care about people and we are not only interested in their money. We want you to take the most from your course and try to give you all the attention you need to become a great divemaster.

Ongoing support: Would you like to become an instructor? We have excellent relationships with IDC centers for both PADI and SSI and can help you to persuit your dream. Who knows – maybe we even have a job for you in the end?