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Your Dive Center on the Gili Islands

We at Divine Divers Gili Meno are passionate divers who are enthusiastic about showing you the beauty of the Gilis’ underwater world – whether you are an experienced diver or still learning. We provide professional diving services while keeping things safe and most importantly fun. Browse our selection of courses and fun diving options and please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Guided fun dives around the Gilis for certified divers:

Fun Dive: 2 hours, IDR 540.000
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Packages: 5 dives, 10 dives, discounts available
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Try diving without committing to a course:

Intro Dive (10yrs+): ½ day, 1 dive, IDR 950.000
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Bubblemaker (8yrs+):  ½ day, 1 dive, IDR 950.000
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Get a diving certification and begin a new chapter:

Open Water Diver (10yrs+): 3 days, 4 dives, IDR 5.900.000
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Scuba Diver (10yrs+): 2 days,2 dives, IDR 4.200.000
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Dive deeper, master safety and improve your skills:

Advanced Course: 2 days, 5 dives; IDR 4.900.000
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Rescue Course: 3 days, 4 dives; IDR 5.900.000
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A wide range of specialty programs for all interests:

Popular choices include: Nitrox, Deep, Wreck, Night, Drift, Underwater Photo & Video 1-2 days, 2-4 dives, from IDR 1.700.000, more info

Ready to change your life? Become a professional diver:

Divemaster Course: 4-6 weeks, flexible start, unlimited fun diving, IDR 15.000.000. more info


for all prebookings, additional discounts available



Over 10 years in the game and our passion for diving didn't start here. Our guides and instructors are hand chosen for their experience, personality and excellent guiding and teaching records. We know how to run a professional business without losing sight of the fun factor.

Quality and Service

We care about you! We want our guests to have the best dive experience possible by focusing on service, safety and the environment. Our groups are small with no more than four divers per guide. Our equipment is in excellent order and of course regularly maintained.


The Gili Islands are a postcard image of paradise and Gili Meno is located at its heart with its relaxed and serene beauty. You will find Divine Divers at the most perfect spot on the island: On sunset Beach in the North East. What better way is there to end a perfect diving day in a place where the sky meets the ocean?


That’s right, we are using the “L” word. Really, we have committed our lives to the sports we love and the place that we enjoy: The Gili Islands! Diving pumps through our veins and defines us as people and as a company. Being passionate divers ourselves, we love to introduce or show you the world that exists beneath ocean waves.


Dive, Eat or Stay with Divine Divers! Imagine stepping out of your room to enjoy a morning dive with sea turtles, lunch at a cozy restaurant directly on the beach, followed by another dive. Finish the day relaxing with a spectacular sunset view while chatting with others who share your passion for the sea or simply enjoy the serenity of the moment.


Gili Island paradise


Dive & stay, dive packages


Flexible cancellation policy



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